Elden Ring Player Count Spikes After Shadow of the Erdtree Reveal

Elden Ring's player count on Steam has seen a significant jump since the reveal of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC expansion, ballooning up to nearly double where it was just a week ago. Excitement for the Elden Ring expansion has been building for some time, but it appears the first look at the new content is actually getting fans to jump back in and potentially attracting some new players as well.

The 2022 Game of the Year winner continues to sell well, as Elden Ring has passed another sales milestone just recently. Two years after its release, gamers are still discovering new details in FromSoftware's open-world, tough-as-nails action RPG. With the promise of new content on the horizon, many players are likely starting new playthroughs or finally grinding through those final bosses before Shadow of the Erdtree launches this summer.

Elden Ring's player count on Steam has been climbing since the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC trailer. In the past 24 hours, Elden Ring has peaked at 70,188 players after hovering around the 30,000-40,000 range just a week ago.

Elden Ring's player count has remained fairly steady over the years post-launch, but it is likely to jump up again when Shadow of the Erdtree releases on June 21, 2024. Shadow of the Erdtree is adding all sorts of additional content to Elden Ring from enemies, weapons, attacks, and armor, as well as a new story. The reveal of Elden Ring's DLC map size suggests there will be a vast new area for players to explore this summer. The DLC was announced back in February 2023, but the reveal of the expansion's first trailer has been accompanied by all sorts of news and speculation.

Since the trailer's debut, fans have been spotting all sorts of Easter eggs and potential details that might be hiding secrets about the upcoming DLC. Still, considering how much discovery plays into Elden Ring, there are certainly plenty of new and exciting details that won't be uncovered until fans finally get their hands on Shadow of the Erdtree.

With the team still hard at work on the coming expansion, Elden Ring 2 is not in FromSoftware's current plans. With FromSoftware now holding the rights to the Elden Ring IP, a sequel to one of the generation's most acclaimed games is within their control, but fans will likely have to wait a while to hear anything more about it.

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everyone getting into the main game before the DLC release :lipbite:


Game has been going strong since release in 2022, good to see.


Yeah we knew people would be ready for it cuz the dlc