Metroid Prime 4 Reportedly Launching In 2024

A reliable gaming insider has claimed that Metroid Prime 4 could still be aiming to launch in 2024, with the source having previously leaked Epic Mickey: Rebrushed before its announcement today.

Although today's Nintendo Direct wasn't focused on its own first-party games and instead showcased titles coming from third-party studios, it was still a pretty big event that highlighted how many games the Switch still has before the Switch 2 reportedly releases in 2025. One game's reveal might even provide some evidence that a much-anticipated Switch exclusive is still on the way.

One of the biggest surprises to come from today's Direct was Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, a "faithful" remake of the 2010 Wii classic that fans have been asking about for a really long time. Even though it's been requested a ton over the years, it still came as a big surprise for most of us to see it announced at the Direct.

Although the reveal shocked a lot of people, one person who was significantly less surprised was gaming insider Jeff Grubb, who revealed today following the Direct that a source of his told him about the remake ahead of time. Interestingly, Grubb also revealed during the Giant Bomb's watch-along of the Partner Showcase that the same source told him that Metroid Prime 4 is planned for launch in 2024.

After Epic Mickey: Rebrushed was revealed, Grubb stated that its announcement gave him more confidence that Prime 4 will release by the end of the year, since the same source who told him that also informed him of Epic Mickey: Rebrushed's existence. Of course, rumours should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but it's worth keeping in mind if you thought Prime 4 wouldn't be released on the Nintendo Switch.

"I will say that this being confirmed gives me more confidence that we'll get Metroid Prime 4 this year. I got the rumour [regarding Epic Mickey Rebrushed] from the same source."

Seeing as how Metroid Prime 4 has been in development for so long and is seemingly going to launch around the same time as the Switch 2, which was rumoured to launch by the end of the year, many assumed that it'd be a launch title for that system and potentially even skip the Switch altogether. If Grubb's source is to be believed, however, it seems that it won't be skipping the console it was originally announced for after all.

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just keep it on the Switch please ffs


The fourth one ? I've never even heard of these games