Report-Sony Will Handle Disney’s Physical Media Business Going Forward

A new report — corroborated by several high-profile outlets — claims that Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment have struck a deal for the latter to take over the former’s physical media business. The agreement will see Sony market, sell, and distribute Disney releases via 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

Disney and Sony deal might be good news for video game discs
News of the aforementioned agreement was first reported by The Digital Bits, followed by Deadline and Variety. The reported licensing agreement will see Sony start handling Disney’s physical releases with The First Omen, scheduled for theatrical release in April.

According to The Digital Bits, this deal will enable Disney to offer its TV shows and movies on disc in various markets more efficiently while saving costs. This deal comes as somewhat of a surprise considering the entertainment industry’s shift towards digital. Only recently, Best Buy announced that it would no longer stock DVDs and Blu-ray discs amid declining demand for physical media.

While the deal between Disney and Sony is specifically for movies and TV shows, it’s good news for gamers who prefer discs. The shift towards digital downloads has been relatively slow in the games industry, but has picked up pace recently. With companies like Microsoft veering further away from physical media, this news is a breath of fresh air for PlayStation players.

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