PlayStation Portal Already Hacked to Run PSP Games

A group of Google engineers banded together and successfully hacked the PlayStation Portal to run PSP games. The group have managed to get PSP emulator PPSSPP to run natively on the handheld but have said that they still have a lot of work to do.

PlayStation Portal was hacked on a software level
This development was shared by Google’s cloud vulnerability researcher Andy Nguyen on Twitter, who clarified that the hack didn’t involve fiddling with the Portal’s hardware. Nguyen and some other Google employees managed to get the handheld to install PPSSPP after more than a month of trying.

Nguyen added that since the group is still working on things, they don’t plan to release the hack in the near future.

Ngugen’s tweet garnered a positive response from followers who bemoaned the Portal’s limited use. The handheld is merely a remote player for the PS5, but doesn’t yet support cloud streaming so it’s limited to running games that are installed on the system.

Sony previously said that while it would be nice to check off a list of features before launching a product, the company wanted to “proceed carefully while considering whether this is a good idea and whether we can truly provide gameplay without any problems.”

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it just had to be done lmao


This is honestly so cool, it's crazy how people always find a way to hack new consoles!


The psp was a godly hand held system !