Next-Gen Consoles Will Be Pricier Than We Think, Insider Suggests

A known insider and leaker has hinted that the PlayStation 6 (PS6) and next-gen Xbox will come with higher price tags than we expect. This speculation comes less than a week after Sony told shareholders that it’s “very difficult” to cut the PS5’s price owing to its die size. And apparently, things aren’t going to get any better on that front.

Why PS6 and next-gen Xbox price might be higher than we think
Many dismissed reports of a potential PS5 price increase ahead of an official announcement, and understandably so because it isn’t the norm. Sony cited economic factors at the time but didn’t go into any further details. Not long afterwards, Microsoft announced similar price increases for the Xbox Series X|S in select regions.

According to leaker and insider Kepler_L2 — known mostly for PC-related information — “the days of free cost savings with die shrinks is over.” They recon that the PS6 and next-gen Xbox will either be expensive or will come with a relatively small performance leap. Kepler made their comments in response to Sony saying that PS5 cost reduction is “very difficult.”

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this is why I wait until they go on sale fr


Yeah hell na anything above 500 is INSANE. Just build a Pc at the point smh lol