Nintendo Insider Teases Unannounced Mario Games Releasing This Year

According to one Nintendo insider, there is more than one unannounced Mario game releasing this year. What the insider doesn't say is what kind of Mario games they are. There is no word if there is a new Mario Kart, a new Mario Party, a new Super Mario World, a new Mario sports game, a new mainline 3D Mario game, or anything of this sort. Unfortunately, the report is not only vague, but brief.

The latest information about the supposed future of Mario games on Nintendo Switch comes the way of well-known, but divisive source, Zippo. In this instance, the source in question is a bit divisive because they have been off the mark both in the past and recently, but they have also proven reliable both in the past and recently. This is the case for most "insiders," which is why information from them should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The exact verbiage used by the insider is "more unannounced Mario games will release this year." In the same report, they also claim the rumored Nintendo Switch 2 has been delayed to 2025, which presumably rules out one of these games being a new 3D Mario game as that is going to be held for the Nintendo Switch 2 launch, even if it ends up being a cross-gen game. Surely the same is true with a new Mario Kart.

What does that leave us? Well, you could argue the same for a new Mario Party and anything substantial. What's more likely is that these will be smaller spin-off games featuring other characters, smaller remasters or remakes, and maybe even a new Mario Sports game. What Nintendo fans shouldn't expect is anything major because that will surely be held for the Switch 2.

All of that said, remember this is all speculation based on the growing rumors the next Nintendo console is not releasing this year. Further, it is speculation on this new tidbit about Mario being true, which it may not be.

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oh geez, there's going to be more of the :monkas:


For every Nintendo console there will be at least 20 Mario games lol