Pokemon Insider Leaks Two "Mainline" Games Releasing This Year

According to a newly-surfaced rumor, there are two mainline Pokemon games releasing this year. The information comes the way of a source that goes by Zippo, who is a source that has both proven reliable in the past, but also been off the mark in the past as well, including recently. This is true of the majority of anonymous Internet insiders. Unfortunately, not is there the possibility the information is incorrect, but there is not much meat on the bone here for Pokemon fans to chew on, though there is an interesting wrinkle elsewhere.

What exactly is claimed? The exact verbiage is there are "two new mainline Pokemon titles will release this year." What's not clarified is whether or not "two" in this instance refers to a normal, dual mainline release, such as Scarlet and Violet or Sword and Shield or if it refers to one of these, plus another game. 2022 comes to mind with Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. That said, even in this instance, some refer to the former as not a mainline game.

Unfortunately, this is all we have at the moment, at least from Zippo. Over on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, we have some more intel though. Taking to X, anonymous leaker, Pyoro, a source with an incredible track record, hints at some type of announcement coming from Game Freak in the rumored Nintendo Direct supposedly happening next month. That said, the event is rumored to be a partner's showcase, so presumably Game Freak is set to have something other than Pokemon as not only does Pokemon not fit this billing, but it usually gets its own Nintendo Direct. There remains the possibility this is Pokemon related though.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/pokemon-games-nintendo-switch-release-2024/


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can't believe the pokemon franchise is still going on


I'll never understand the Pokmon craze at all still to this day lol