Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6 Introduces New Bugs

Baldur's Gate 3's "kissing update" is here, introducing a bunch of new romance content as well as some bug fixes. However, in addressing some issues, it's seemingly introduced some more, including some that can prevent story progression.

On the Baldur's Gate 3 subreddit, players are building a list of all of the bugs they've found in the new patch. In some cases, it's blocking off the completion of some tasks and quests, with certain NPCs refusing to move to different locations. At its worst, some players say that they've been blocked out of completing Act 2 entirely, as the game doesn't let them complete the Gauntlet of Shar.

This list is being put together by BroGameTime on Reddit, and splits the bugs into different acts and quests. Right now, it seems that the bugs that block progression are mostly found before Act 3, making it difficult for those who have recently started new playthroughs.

byu/BroGameTime inBaldursGate3

There are a lot of bugs reported in this thread, with the most extreme one arguably being the issues found in the Gauntlet of Shar, since that would stop you from completing Act 2 altogether. However, others could block you out from completing other major quests yoo, at least with your desired outcome. For example, at least one player has reported that they can't end the Cazador fight without killing one of the spawn, which would block you out of making Astarion the Vampire Ascendant, if that's the path you wanted to take.

Other than that, some players have found themselves unable to interact with a couple of Act 1 NPCs: Nettie in the Druid Grove, and Abdirak in the Goblin Camp. The former is much more essential, as Nettie is one of the characters to point you in Halsin's direction.

There are a bunch of gameplay-related issues being reported too. For starters, players say that multi-selecting items has been disabled, making it harder to sell a bunch of goods at once. It also seems that we're unable to sell all of our wares at once, just the ones in the inventory of whatever character we have open. Specifically on console, players also say that the group hide feature is broken, making sneaking around much more frustrating than it has to be.

Larian has yet to respond to these bug reports, but it has previously rolled out new updates when a patch has introduced bugs, so we can expect a hotfix to be released soon.

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lmao the patch is meant to stop bugs ffs


Figured by now they would have it all under control fr