Hogwarts Legacy Issues 'Thank You' Message to Fans

Hogwarts Legacy has issued a special "Thank You" message to its fans, after it was confirmed as the number one best-selling game of 2023 worldwide. An RPG set in the Harry Potter universe was always going to sell en masse, and Hogwarts Legacy is a shining example of what happens when it's executed well.

Prior to its release, Hogwarts Legacy was the center of controversy due to the outspoken views of Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. The game attempted to distance itself from controversy, even adding a transgender character to promote inclusion, in contrast to some of Rowling's rhetoric. The result was a game that was a critical darling, selling a huge number of copies and becoming an instant hit. Considering the struggle the Wizarding World has often had for critical acclaim in the video game space, it was a mighty achievement from Avalanche Software. Gamers rewarded the title's quality with some eye-watering sales figures.

Recently, Hogwarts Legacy put out a tweet thanking fans, confirming that the game had cemented its place as the best-selling game of 2023 worldwide, based on full game sales on console and PC. Over and over again, Hogwarts Legacy has continued to make history, with a performance as impressive as any other release. While most die-hard fans will have picked up the game by now, it'll be interesting to see how these sales continue throughout 2024 with potential reductions and sale periods across the year.

Although the tweet didn't confirm the exact number of copies sold, the most recent update on Hogwarts Legacy's sales figures puts the number at 22 million units, correct as of earlier this month, selling 2 million more than the nearest competition in Tears of the Kingdom. The enormity of the achievement can be underlined by this fact: it's the first non-Call of Duty or Rockstar Games title since 2008 to be the best-selling game worldwide over a calendar year, with those two holding total dominance ever since.

Despite the enormous success of Hogwarts Legacy, the future of the game and series isn't exactly crystal clear. Late last month, Hogwarts Legacy was teasing future updates, but nothing concrete was confirmed in terms of new content. It seems almost unthinkable that Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games don't have DLC or a sequel in the works, given the money it would be leaving on the table. Hopefully, 2024 will be the year when the overall vision for Hogwarts Legacy becomes a little clearer going forward.

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just hope they keep on bringing out great content


Runts I love the game. Just really hope if we get another one which I'm pretty sure we are ! They need to add more content and make the world bigger and not stuff to do !

we most definitely need quidditch!


I love the game. Just really hope if we get another one which I'm pretty sure we are ! They need to add more content and make the world bigger and not stuff to do !