New No Man's Sky Ship Features a Funny Reference to a PS3 Game

The latest major update for No Man's Sky introduces a new expedition-exclusive starship, which some players have realized includes an entertaining reference to the first title ever published by the game's developer, Hello Games. No Man's Sky has recently seen yet another surge in popularity following its Omega update, which adds a plethora of new features as well as a limited-time community expedition event that can even be played for free over the next few days by those who don't own the game.

This marks the first time that No Man's Sky has ever had a free-to-play period, and while the opportunity to dive into the game's boundless universe is only available until February 19, it offers the perfect chance for newcomers to get a taste of the game nonetheless. The dozens of updates that No Man's Sky has received over the years have always been available for existing players to download for free, with the game being widely praised for its wealth of content requiring no additional payment beyond the one-time purchase of the game. No Man's Sky has managed to sustain itself monetarily solely through these sales, with no paid DLC or microtransactions in sight.

Many fans have already gotten hold of the new Starborn ship introduced with No Man's Sky's latest update, which has been found to include a funny reference to Joe Danger, the first title published by Hello Games. This subtle detail was recently pointed out by a fan online known as SEANPLEASEDISABLEPVP, with an image of the easter egg revealing a decal of a Gek wearing the iconic helmet and goggles of Joe Danger, the daredevil protagonist of the racing and platform game of the same name. Originally released back in 2010, Joe Danger was originally a PS3 exclusive title, though it made its way to various other platforms over the following years.

The new starship has a silly Easter egg. (Reference to HG's first game)

The unique new starship featuring the reference is an exclusive reward that is earned by completing the new Omega expedition event. This marks the 12th expedition for No Man's Sky so far, and while players only have the next 5 weeks to complete it, there's a good chance that the event will be rerun in the future so that those that missed it can claim the rewards it offers.

While the Omega update has brought yet another significant batch of content to No Man's Sky, designer and Hello Games founder Sean Murray has alluded to much yet to come to the game throughout 2024, with a trailer shown at the game awards teasing an update seemingly focused on overhauling the game's space stations. The previous announcement of Light No Fire, Hello Games' upcoming open-world title, has also gotten plenty of gamers excited, though no release date for the game has yet been shared.

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that is a very good easter egg fr


I Love call backs or eater egg references in games !