Tomb Raider Fans Are Divided Over Remastered Controls

Tomb Raider fans are divided over the Remastered Trilogy's new modern control scheme, with some fans loving them and others thinking that they're a step back from the classic "Tank" controls.

It's been a long time since we've had anything new from Lara Croft, but that all changed earlier this week thanks to the release of the Remastered Trilogy, which brings together all three classic games and their expansions and gives them a big graphical update. The graphical update is already a big selling point for the collection, but it's far from the only thing that's been added.

Alongside nearly 300 trophies to collect and a fun little photo mode, the biggest new thing in the Remastered Trilogy is the option for "Modern" controls, which makes Lara move a bit closer to how she did in more recent games with full analogue control. It's very different from the slower-paced "Tank" controls found in the original games and aims to make playing through the trilogy a lot easier.

Only, that's not exactly the experience that a lot of fans are having. Since the release of the Remastered Trilogy, a lot of players have called out the modern controls as being the worst way to play. Take this thread on the Tomb Raider forums, for example, which points out that several moves are now a lot harder to pull off, like the side step, back step, and the backward jump.

That's not all, though, as other players have complained about how the camera turns into a nightmare in this control scheme and how platforming can now be fiddly with Lara moving so fast in all directions. Others have also pointed out that a lot of the intricacies of Modern controls (like having to equip the guns to jump backwards and sideways or pressing R2 to grab ledges) simply aren't explained in-game and have to be figured out.

While the modern control scheme is getting a fair amount of criticism from fans for some of its faults, it wouldn't be fair to say that the scheme is universally hated. A lot of players appreciate the free camera (when it works) and movement and say that it just takes some getting used compared to the old controls.

It's clear that some things need to be tweaked, improved, and made clear about the modern controls, but until they are it's fair to say that the Tomb Raider community is very divided on the new feature.

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Yeah sadly it probably runs all clunky to tbh.