Helldivers 2 Overtakes Halo Infinite’s Peak Concurrent User Count

Helldivers 2’s momentum is refusing to slow down, with the co-op shooter recently having surpassed 250,000 concurrent players on Steam, and now that the weekend is on, as many may have expected, that number is continuing to grow.

Helldivers 2’s new concurrent player count peak on Steam is an impressive 276,364 players, as per SteamDB, with 135,310 players playing the game at the time of writing. Incidentally, that means Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony’s shooter has overtaken the all-time concurrent player peak of Halo Infinite (which sits at 272,586).

Considering the fact that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free-to-play (unlike Helldivers 2), that’s doubly impressive. Then again, Halo Infinite’s PC playerbase was fractured across multiple platforms, being available via the Windows Store and Game Pass in addition to Steam, while Helldivers 2 is a Steam exclusive, so that’s probably another factor worth considering.

Given the unexpected success that Helldivers 2 has enjoyed since its release earlier this month, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has confirmed that it intends to accelerate its post-launch plans for the game. A new roadmap is being worked on right now, so information on upcoming content is hopefully not too far away. Just don’t expect PvP to be added in anytime soon (or ever)– though cross-progression is “probably” going to happen at some point.

Helldivers 2 is available on PS5 and PC.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/helldivers-2-overtakes-halo-infinites-peak-concurrent-user-count-on-steam


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so much hype for this game

good to see though lmao


Crazy how much this game is blowing up rn or hyped up