Xbox Game Pass Losing Atlus RPG on February 29

The good news is that Xbox Game Pass is seemingly only losing one game on February 29, but the bad news is that game is Soul Hackers 2, a well-reviewed Atlus RPG that originally released in 2022. New games are added to Xbox Game Pass every month, but titles are removed from the popular subscription service every month as well.

Thankfully, February 2024 has been relatively light on Xbox Game Pass removals. On February 15, Xbox Game Pass lost Galactic Civilizations 3 and OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Both games received mostly positive reviews, and so it was definitely sad to see them removed from the Xbox Game Pass lineup. However, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are used to games being removed in larger batches, so some may have been relieved that only two titles got the axe.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers only have to worry about one game being removed after February 29 - so far, at least. The Xbox Game Pass Leaving Soon section has been updated to include Soul Hackers 2, indicating that the Atlus RPG's last day of availability will be February 29. Soul Hackers 2 takes most people over 30 hours to complete, so anyone interested in playing through the game while it's still on Game Pass will need to act fast. Otherwise, RPG fans can use Game Pass to test out Soul Hackers 2 and then potentially buy it at a 20% discount to keep forever.

Galactic Civilizations 3 - Removed on February 15
OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Removed on February 15
Soul Hackers 2 - Will be removed on February 29

Soul Hackers 2 is just the latest Atlus game to be removed from the Xbox Game Pass library. The main series Persona games have been removed from Xbox Game Pass, though fans have since been treated to day one releases like Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica. It will be exciting to see if future Atlus games are added to Xbox Game Pass on day one as well, as they have proven to be great additions to the service.

While Soul Hackers 2 is the only game currently confirmed for Xbox Game Pass removal, it's possible that more titles are going to be removed at the end of the month. The Xbox Game Pass wave 2 announcement isn't expected to come until Tuesday, February 20, so subscribers will want to keep an eye out. February 20 is also the day that Tales of Arise is joining Xbox Game Pass, so it should be an exciting day for subscribers, even with the potential for more removal announcements.

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I'm sure it's not going to affect the game pass ffs lmao


Last time I seen game pass it was really loaded idk why the out SO many games on at once