New Fable Rumor Leaks 2025 Release Date of Reboot

A new rumor about the long-awaited new Fable reboot has surfaced online with information about the game's release date on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. According to this rumor, the game is going to release in 2025. When in 2025? Unfortunately, the rumor does not say. Nor does it say when it will resurface with a third trailer, but if it is not releasing until 2025, especially if it is in the latter half of the year, it may not resurface this year in any capacity.

As for the source, it is a well known source that goes by Nate the Hate. Unfortunately, this is source is a little hit and miss, and recently relayed faulty Xbox information alongside a host of Xbox sources who seemingly got caught out peddling incorrect Xbox information in regards to its exclusivity and certain games coming to PS5. To this end, the source at one point claimed Starfield was coming to PS5, which right now Xbox says is not happening. This doesn't completely discredit the source going forward, as they have been right in the past well, but this also wasn't the first time they've been off the mark. They were also off the mark in a major way about the previously rumored "Nintendo Switch Pro." In short, take this information with a grain of salt.

It is also worth noting that this information could be accurate right now, but not remain accurate over time. The target could be a 2025 release date, but over time this could change to a 2026 release date or even later. Things change and go wrong all the time in game development, which is why early rumors and leaks about a game can miss the mark. Not only is there a possibility the information is incorrect from the jump, but it can become incorrect over time. In fact, this happens more often than you would think.

For what it is worth 2025 seems like a reasonable bet for that has been in development for a handful of years at this point. It's been reported it is had some development issues though, so at this point there is no sure bet with this game and its release date.

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as always, don't take the rumor at 100% value


I almost guarantee that this will get game of the year in its release ! Unless they really ruin it