Xbox Confirms Showcase For June 2024

Near the end of the latest Official Xbox Podcast, Xbox has confirmed it's planning its June showcase for 2024. The June games showcase is Xbox's biggest event each year, giving fans a glimpse at what they can expect from its first-party studios and the games they're building. The showcase is also usually filled with a smattering of third-party Game Pass partnerships, revealing new games coming to the service throughout the second half of the year and beyond.

As a response to the swirling third party rumors that have caused an uproar in the gaming community over the past several weeks, Phil Spencer, Matt Booty, and Sarah Bond recently hosted a business update episode of its Official Xbox Podcast. In it, Phil Spencer confirmed that four Xbox exclusive titles will make their way onto rival platforms sometime soon. While he didn't name these games, he let on that two of them are live service titles, and the other two are smaller experiences. The running theory is that Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded are the four games Spencer is speaking of. He also confirmed that Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will remain exclusive to Xbox.

Near the very end of the podcast, Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty briefly mentioned that the team is preparing for this year's June Xbox showcase, officially confirming the event. While no explicit date was given as it's only February, fans will surely be able to expect to learn the date sometime in the coming months.

In confirming the June showcase, Booty brought up titles like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Obsidian's Avowed, two games that just recently had great showings at Xbox's Developer Direct last month. As both of these games only have Fall release windows, it would be safe to assume they'll both receive actual release dates at the June show. Matt Booty also mentioned that there's more in development the team is planning to showcase. It's been several years since the unveiling of Xbox's Perfect Dark reboot, and Gears of War fans have been clamoring for the rumored sixth mainline installment, so maybe fans will get updates on those titles, though that hasn't been confirmed at this time. Xbox fans could also get new looks at games like Clockwork Revolution or South of Midnight, both revealed at last June's Xbox showcase.

It's likely that Xbox is planning its showcase for early June, as that's where it almost always lands each year. Fans should keep an eye on Xbox's social media, as well as Geoff Keighly and Summer Game Fest through the spring months, as more is sure to be revealed regarding the dates for all the upcoming summer showcase events.

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I always laugh at the showcases

most games are trash on it fr


Hopefully the new fable gets show cased !