Alan Wake 2 is Remedy’s Fastest-Selling Game with 1.3 Million Sold

Alan Wake 2 launched last October following years of anticipation and was instantly met with widespread critical acclaim, being deemed by many to be one of the best games in a historic year for the medium. Remedy Entertainment has now also announced sales figures for the survival horror title, and its commercial success is reflecting its critical acclaim.

The developer as announced that Alan Wake 2 has sold 1.3 million units worldwide across all platforms as of early February, which makes it the studio’s fastest-selling game to date. At the end of December, its sales stood at 1 million units sold, so clearly the game is exhibiting long legs. Earlier in December, analysts estimated that the game had sold roughly 850,000 units on consoles.

Remedy is expecting the game to keep on selling well for the foreseeable future. “A great game can generate excellent long tail sales, and we expect this to be the case with Alan Wake 2 as well,” the developer says.

Interestingly, Remedy has also revealed that in its first two months, Alan Wake 2 sold 50% more than Control did in its first four months, while its digital sales were more than three times as high. Where digital sales are concerned, however, it’s worth remembering that, unlike Control, Alan Wake 2 is a digital-only game.

“We are happy with the start of Alan Wake 2’s sales,” said Remedy CEO Tero Virtala. “The price point has also remained at a high level, and the game has already recouped a significant part of the development and marketing expenses. We will continue to develop the game to serve existing fans and attract new players and expect the game to continue selling well.

“The successful launch of Alan Wake 2 has supported our other game projects: Condor, Control 2, and Max Payne 1&2 remake have all increased development pace thanks to the personnel released from Alan Wake 2, and we expect these projects to reach their next development stages during the first half of 2024. We now have two established franchises: Control and Alan Wake, which are linked through the Remedy Connected Universe. Growing and expanding these franchises will be a key part of our future.”

Remedy has released numerous updates for Alan Wake 2 since its release, adding new features like New Game Plus and chapter select, and the developer says it plans on releasing more. In addition, as previously announced, two paid expansions are also planned for this year.

Alan Wake 2 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Remedy Entertainment has also provided updated sales figures for Control, which has crossed 4 million units sold.

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certainly was going to do well on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC overall fr


I knew it would do well it was looking good