Minecraft Adds New a Kind of Skeleton

Since Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang has slowly been drip-feeding players with new features coming later this year with Update 1.21. Just last week, the team dropped The Vault and the Wind Charge to the test version of Minecraft, and now, Mojang is introducing a new mob to the game that will test your mettle. The Bogged is a new type of skeleton that can poison players with its arrows, making it much more annoying than standard skeletons. Like The Vault and the Wind Charge, Minecraft players will be able to test out The Bogged on the snapshot build, giving them an early look at the new mob.

The Bogged will be one of the major enemies players will run into when making their way through trial chambers. This new feature in Minecraft is going to give fans new ways to earn rewards and take on hordes of baddies. Thankfully, these skeletons have the same weaknesses as normal skeletons, meaning if you can get them in the sunlight, they'll light on fire, making them much easier to take down.

You'll also find The Bogged in swamps and mangrove swamps. If you want to test out the features for yourself, you need to enable snapshots on Minecraft: Java Edition or allow previews/betas on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Then, you need to log into the game, navigate to the respective menu, and download the snapshot/preview. You can also turn snapshots, betas, and previews on if you have an active Realm subscription to test out the feature alongside your friends.

When is Update 1.21 Releasing in Minecraft?
At Minecraft Live last year, Mojang announced that Update 1.21 is coming during the middle of 2024. That's a pretty wide-open window, but it's worth noting that Mojang has dropped its yearly update during June in the last few years. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't move around this year, but it's fair to assume we'll be getting around then until Mojang announces something more official. Either way, Update 1.21 should be out by the end of the summer unless something dramatic changes on Mojang's side.

Fortunately, there's still quite a bit to do in Minecraft even if you're not downloading the snapshot/preview. Recently, Minecraft dropped a new Godzilla crossover content pack. Players do have to pay for the privilege of fighting against everyone's favorite Kaiju, but it's probably worth the purchase price for Godzilla fans.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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So much new stuff has been added to this game, I miss the Alpha and Beta days, it was so simple.


glad I don't play this, sounds complicated enough fr


Only time I would play this fr is for the TTG badge haha


Sounds like a nuisance. I'm glad it'll only pop up in swamp biomes! Minecraft is hard enough as it is.