Street Fighter 6 Gets New Character Guide Video for Ed

Capcom has released a new trailer for the newest upcoming addition to the Street Fighter 6 roster, Ed. The trailer acts as a guide for the upcoming character, explaining to players how his various moves, attacks, and specials work, and how they can be used together.

When it comes to concept, Ed is designed as a boxer with a focus on different punch combos. The character has a host of different kinds of punches that can lead into and out of one another, allowing for some flexibility in combat.

When it comes to specials, Ed has the close-range Psycho Spark that will act as his go-to combo-ender, the Psycho Uppercut that sends enemies flying into the air, Psycho Blitz, which is essentially a flurry of enhanced punches, and Psycho Flicker—a quick attack that can be powered up by holding down specific buttons, changing its properties into a grapple. Wrapping things up is the Kill Rush ability, which lets Ed quickly rush into and out of range of his opponents.

Ed can expend his super meters in a number of ways, such as with the flurry of punches of Psycho Storm, controlling the arena with a ball of energy created by Psycho Cannon, or spending all his resources in using the level 3 Psycho Chamber.

Ed is making his way to Street Fighter 6 on February 27, and is available as part of the game’s Year 1 Character Pass.

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not a bad character. will like to see more gameplay though


This is a creepy looking character lol