Game Pass Hits 34 Million Subscribers Across Xbox and PC

In a recently uploaded special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft Gaming’s leadership team made some key announcements about select first-party Xbox titles that are headed to PlayStation and Switch (which doesn’t include the likes of Starfield or Indiana Jones, contrary to recent reports), what that means for Microsoft’s future first-party plans, and more. And of course, with first-party being the focal point of the discussion, during the podcast, they also spoke about Game Pass.

Specifically, in addition to confirming that Activision Blizzard titles will start joining the service, starting with Diablo 4 on March 28, Microsoft also announced that Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass have collectively hit 34 million subscribers to date. That’s up from 25 million subscribers, which were reported a little over two years ago, in January 2022.

Meanwhile, going back to Activision Blizzard titles, Microsoft has said that both upcoming releases and classic games from the company’s catalog will be joining the service, details on which will be shared “soon”, so stay tuned for that.

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the game pass is a good thing, but most games on it are trash tbh


Yeah tons of people get game pass now it's worth it fr specially with the gold with it.


okay so that is crazy, absolutley massive