Deep Rock Galactic Survivor instantly tops original on Steam

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is a spin-off of 2020’s massively popular co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic. The new title, developed by Funday Games, takes the world and characters of the original and inserts them into a completely new genre with massively successful results right off the bat. Despite the game still being in early access, the single-player title has already topped the original’s Steam peak player count just days after release, making for one impressive launch.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is the most recent title in a new massively popularized subgenre of auto-shooter survival games headlined by 2022’s Vampire Survivors. Funday Games’ Survivor replaces the co-op with single player and has the player extract resources and blast away cave dwellers via a new top-down camera angle.

The original Deep Rock Galactic made waves in 2020 as a hugely popular co-op shooter; Survivor has already broken past the original’s player count in just its launch weekend window. While the OG has a peak player count of 46,687 according to SteamDB, Survivor already has a peak of 47,728.

This eclipse could very well be related to price: the original’s price tag currently sits at $29.99/£24.99, while Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is just $8.99/£8.99. Survivor is currently 10% off on Steam from its original $9.99/£9.99 pricing as it currently sits in early access where it will stay for the next six months. However, Deep Rock Galactic has been on Steam sale past as low as $9.89/£8.24.

It seems like the mixture of a positive initial reaction to the game, coupled with a much lower price entry point, has brought in tons of new fans to the budding Deep Rock Galactic franchise. You can download the latest Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Cheats and trainers for free from WeMod.

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well, the originally is "in the past" to them

whilst the GS is "in the now"


I see lots of people like this game a lot for some reason lol