Sons of the Forest Trailer Teases New Enemies and Features

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest exits early access on February 22nd, nearly a year after it entered. While it previously only confirmed actor Shawn Ashmore voicing Timmy LeBlanc, new story content and polish, a new trailer is now available, showcasing other features to look forward to. Check it out below, courtesy of IGN.

Perhaps the most noteworthy is the addition of new Mutants, from a creature that slaps its ankles together to massive horrors that walk on all fours. There’s also a tease from the story, with a helicopter desperately trying to take off as various Mutants grab onto it and features like a launching platform for hang gliders.

If that’s not enough, new points of interest, materials, locations and more have also been teased. Sons of the Forest will be available for PC when update 1.0 launches, so stay tuned.

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always great to get new enemies and features


Forgot about the second one the hype didn't go as long as the first one did. Maybe this new content will help get people back on it