New Metro Roadmap Teases Next Game Will Release "When It's Ready"

The next mainline Metro game may be a ways off still. In 2010, 4A Games released a brand new survival horror FPS known as Metro 2033. The game would go on to be a profitable success for publisher THQ and result in a couple of sequels, largely thanks to its unique premise and possibly scratching an itch for fans of games set in the post-apocalypse as Fallout was taking its sweet time to release new entries. As the series progressed, it became better and better with each game as the graphical fidelity improved, the story got richer, and the gameplay got more immersive and deeper. It has now been five years since the last Metro game and while it has been confirmed there will be another one, we have no idea when it's coming.

It was recently confirmed that a new Metro prequel made for VR headsets will be coming later this year, but it's more of a spin-off than a continuation of the franchise. It seems to be a way to keep the IP alive and on the minds of players while we wait for what comes next at this point. With that said, the team behind the game has offered a roadmap on the future of the series and claims the next mainline Metro game will release "when it's ready". Given it's already been five years, who knows how long that could be. It's possible the team just doesn't want to talk about it until it knows it can hit a release date, so even if it's coming next year, we may not know until much closer to release.

Either way, it's good to hear an update on the next Metro game and know that there will be more games in the series after a prolonged period of silence. It's unclear if it will continue the story that the team had been telling across the last 3 games or kickstart a new trilogy with a new protagonist and storyline. Either way, it's clear the team has been afforded a lot of time to do it justice.

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will be waiting for the next release fr


Haven't tried them. When the first one came out way back I was going to get it but stopped playing for a while then upgraded to a pc down the line