Death Stranding 2: On the Beach isn’t Set in North America

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach’s most recent trailer made it abundantly clear that the game, unlike its predecessor, isn’t going to be set in the United State of America (or the United Cities of America, as it’s known in Death Stranding’s fiction), but exactly how far away from that setting is the sequel going to take players? Mexico was mentioned a few times in the game’s trailer, so does that mean Sam and co. will still be somewhere in North America?

As it turns out, that won’t be the case. Speaking during a recent episode of his YouTube show HideoTube (which had been dormant for over seven years until now), director Hideo Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding 2: On the Beach isn’t set in North America. So where exactly is it set? Kojima didn’t go into detail, but he did confirm that it’s a different continent.

“This is a different continent,” he said. “It’s no longer the American continent. [Sam’s] going there to connect the Chiral Network. If the UCA goes, since it’s a different continent, it can be regarded as an invasion. Therefore, a private entity will be setting up the infrastructure.”

Kojima also provided some details on the Magellan, the ship that serves as the base of operations for Fragile’s new aforementioned civilian outfit Drawbridge, which was featured prominently in the game’s recent trailer. As explained by Kojima, the ship is able to travel around by “submerging itself in tar and traveling underground”.

And how exactly does that work? Again, Kojima didn’t provide many more details- though he did offer some tidbits on what role the ship will play from a gameplay point of view.

“When you connect the Chiral Network, the ship can move freely in those areas,” Kojima said. “Once you connect it on your own, you can call the ship, and your crew will be there.”

During the episode, Kojima also revealed that Death Stranding 2 will feature real-time terrain changes caused by earthquakes, forest fires, floods, and more.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is due out in 2025 for PS5.

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"will feature real-time terrain changes caused by earthquakes, forest fires, floods, and more"

I actually love game devs who do these features in a game, especially games like this


Seen they were working on a second one it should be good