Halo Infinite Celebrates Halo Season 2 with New Silver Team Loot

Halo Season 2 launched today with the first two episodes. Early reports seem to be largely positive. Comic Book's review calls it "a much cleaner and more accessible premise," scoring it 3.5/5 Stars. With so many eyes on the Halo franchise, the developers at 343 Industries are adding new content to Halo Infinite. These new cosmetics let players equip the different helmets from Silver Team, letting them look like some of their favorite characters from the Halo TV show. It's not a major content crossover between the two, but it does give Halo Infinite a fun way to interact with the show.

Halo Infinite Adds Silver Team Cosmetics

These new Silver Team helmets will be deployed into Halo Infinite over the next few weeks. All you need to do to earn them is complete your weekly challenges. If you don't want to bother with the weekly challenges, you can also earn all three character's visors just by logging in. Here's the breakdown of the event, though do keep in mind that Kai-125's helmet was the reward from last week:

Kai-125 – January 30 – February 6
Riz-028 – February 6 – February 13
Vannak-134 – February 20 – February 27

It's also worth noting that all of these items are multi-use. That means you can use them with all of your Armor Cores, making them relatively versatile cosmetics. You'll note there's a break in the weeks above. The team didn't give a reason for skipping a week, but you'll want to keep that in mind so you don't accidentally miss a week if you want all three helmets.

In addition to these new Halo Season 2 cosmetics, players can earn new cosmetics themed around Black History Month and Lunar New Year. To get the Black History Month gear, you just need to log into the game during February. The Lunar New Year cosmetics is a free bundle you can pick up from the Shop. You'll also earn a new weapon charm and emblem celebrating the event just by logging in.

Halo Infinite Operation: Spirit of Fire
Outside of the new cosmetics, Halo Infinite players are currently enjoying the new content update that dropped on January 30. The Spirit of Fire Operation runs through March 5 and gives players a new battle pass to purchase if they want, alongside several other cosmetics.

Additionally, there's a new map called Illusion which 343 describes as "a love letter to the map design of Halo CE." The update also implements multi-use shoulder functionality, making it possible to become even more versatile. They've also added several Covenant-themed items to the Forge, giving players even more ways to customize their levels.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox and PC platforms.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/halo-infinite-new-silver-team-loot-xbox-pc/


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it's great to see them giving away free stuff via challenges


Nice I still enjoy Halo Infinite I just think it's loads of fun cause the updates and free loot we get the game is a big improvement than before it came out with a few modes now they have a lot which is great!


I wanted to try the halo Br out but never got to