Skull and Bones is a Quadruple-A That Justifies $70 Price Tag -Ubisoft

During the Q&A session of a recent earnings call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot defended the decision to price upcoming pirate-themed multiplayer title Skull and Bones at $70 despite the game having live-service trappings.

When asked why Ubisoft would limit the potential size of the game’s player base with the high price tag and instead suggesting a free-to-play model that would suit the game’s live-service offerings to bring more players in, Guillemot defended the decision by calling attention to the game’s scale. In his response, Guillemot calls Skull and Bones a “very big game”, and that players will see “how vast and complete” it is on release, calling it a quadruple-A game.

“You will see that Skull and Bones is a fully-fledged game,” said Guillemot (via VGC). “It’s a very big game, and we feel that people will really see how vast and complete that game is. It’s a really full, triple… quadruple-A game, that will deliver in the long run.”

Guillemot’s references to the size of Skull and Bones, as well as it delivering in the long run, echoes a similar statement by senior producer Neven Dravinski from last month, who spoke about the game having “legs and longevity” owing to the amount of content in the game, and its gameplay.

After seeing several delays, Skull and Bones is on track for release soon, with a February 16 release date. The game is currently in the midst of an open beta, which will be available until February 11. Skull and Bones is coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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the gamers will certainly justify if the game is worth the $70 or not


This one's been on my radar as I'm a huge fan of Sea of Theives. The only part that has me weary is the lack of off ship exploration.


NOTHING justifies a 70$ base game plus tax at all. Idc what game it is. Yea some are "worth" it to us but games should not have gone up at all.