Nintendo Switch Becomes Japan’s Highest-Selling Console of All Time

Nintendo recently announced that the Switch has sold over 139.36 million units worldwide as of December 31, and alongside that, also provided a breakdown of its sales across different regions. Specifically where Japan is concerned, the hybrid console has hit a major milestone.

As per the company’s recent quarterly fiscal report, the Nintendo Switch has sold 33.34 million units in Japan to date, which means it is now the region’s highest-selling console of all time. It has leapfrogged the Nintendo DS (32.99 million units sold) and the Game Boy / Game Boy Color (32.47 million units sold).

Of course, in terms of worldwide sales, things take a different shape. As mentioned, the Switch has sold 139.36 million units worldwide, which puts it third in the all-time rankings, behind the PlayStation 2, which has sold over 155 million units, and the Nintendo DS, which has sold over 154 million units.

Leaks have claimed that Nintendo’s next console is set to launch in the second half of this year, but if the Switch continues to sell past its successor’s launch – even if it does so at a diminished rate – it has a good chance of climbing further still in the worldwide all-time rankings.

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yeah, was expecting it to be tbh


That isn't surprising for Japan at all