Forza Motorsport Car Progression Changes Coming in March

After promising to revamp the car progression in Forza Motorsport (among other improvements), Turn 10 Studios has announced two major changes. They go live in March and allow players to install any car part without leveling it up as soon as the vehicle is in their collection.

The other big change is using Credits to purchase Car Points for installing car parts, with 4,500 Credits netting 500 Car Points. “That means if you’re upgrading the 2021 Volkswagen Golf R with all available parts at Level 1, for example, it will cost 89,775 Credits. In the case of the 2021 BMW M4 Competition Coupé, for all parts, it amounts to 125,325 Credits, or for the 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z 432, it totals 133,875 Credits,” the developer explained.

You can still level up and earn Car Points like normal, with the time required to reach Car Level 50 remaining the same at around two to three hours. As for brand discounts, they still provide five percent off when purchasing future cars from the same manufacturer. However, for each level 50 vehicle from that brand, you get an additional five percent off, maxing out at 25 percent.

An exact release date for the changes will be revealed closer to launch, so stay tuned. Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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their improvements for levelling up the car is a great start for them with this game


Runts Nobody cares. Forza is trashhh asf smh lol

Idk the game was better then this comment


Nobody cares. Forza is trashhh asf smh lol