Final Fantasy Remake Part 3 Will Have An Airship

The final part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy has been confirmed to include an airship, which Nomura says should create some interesting challenges for the developers.

We're just a few weeks away from the long-awaited launch of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and while most of us are thinking about the time we're going to spend with Cloud and the gang (mostly fearing for Aerith's life), the developers who just spent the last four years working on it are already thinking ahead to the future.

We already know that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project is going to be a trilogy and, while we still have no clue what the third game in the series is going to be, we're already starting to find out new details about it. As shared and translated by Twitter user Aitaikimochi, some of the development team recently talked to Famitsu about the impending release of Rebirth and, while most of it focused on that game, some interesting details popped up about the third part too.

The biggest bit of information we have about the third entry in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is that, just like fans have been speculating for some time, it will introduce airships into the game, more specifically the Highwind from the original. We've seen lots of teases about this already, from artwork featuring the ship to Cid saying he wants to help the party out, but it seems to be confirmed that it's not a part of Rebirth and is being saved for the next game.

Since the quality of FF7 Rebirth’s world map is this high, I think it will be quite a challenge to incorporate the airship travel in the next game. When we made FF7 Remake, we were already thinking about how to make the world map for FF7 Rebirth. Now with FF7 Rebirth, we are thinking about how exactly we will portray the airships and weapons.

During the interview, Nomura also pointed out that the developers have known for some time that they'd be introducing it in part three, noting that they started thinking about Rebirth's map when they made Remake. He also notes that it's going to be challenging for the developers to figure out how to include it since the quality of Rebirth's world map is already "high", but I'm sure they'll figure out a way.

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happy days, can't wait to be on that air ship :lipbite:


Looks like an open world fortnite everytime I see stuff for this game