Helldivers 2 Will Receive Free Post-Launch Story Updates

Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers 2 is out on February 8th, with pre-loads now available on PS5 and PC. While an expansive campaign is promised for launch, the developer will add more biomes, enemies and objectives for free. A PlayStation Blog post also confirmed free post-launch story updates.

The nature of this content will be tied to Galactic War, as players will “witness events unfold through our planned free updates.” The in-game universe will “grow and change” to offer “refreshed gameplay” with “new tools, new challenges, and new threats from around the galaxy.” As such, players can expect new items and unlocks via the War Bonds system.

Meanwhile, Galactic War is an interesting evolution over Helldivers’ Galactic Campaign, as players can participate in Major Orders to progress the story with the community or Personal Orders for rewards. The Terminids and Automatons won’t sit idle and will adapt to your strategies. If pushed back, players may experience brand-new missions.

The long-term scale of the campaign may take some time to manifest, so stay tuned for more updates over the coming months.

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glad they making them free


Free content in games is always a plus !