WWE 2K24 Trailer Reveals Backstage Brawls

Developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K have released a new trailer for upcoming pro-wrestling game WWE 2K24. The trailer shows off some of the new features coming to the latest iteration of WWE games, including the ability to play as a guest referee, and backstage brawls. Check out the trailer below.

One of the big features of WWE 2K24 is the fact that the game is celebrating 40 Years of WrestleMania with its Showcase mode. Going by the last time a WWE game celebrated WrestleMania back in WWE 2K14, the mode will likely take players through 4 decades worth of important matches and storylines that started or culminated at the yearly event.

WWE 2K24 will also bring with it a new MyRISE mode, complete with two distinct career paths depending on whether the player’s custom wrestler is in the men’s or women’s division.

The game became available for pre-orders back in January, being available in standard, Deluxe and Forty Years of WrestleMania editions.

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nothing new about backstage brawls in games like this ffs



Can't wait even tho it's the same bs every year sadly. We need SvR back ! 2k is garbage


Are backstage brawls really new? I remember them being a part of the games over twenty years ago...