PlayStation Studios Don’t Compete With Xbox or Nintendo Studios - Dev

Bend Studio animator Robert Morrison has said that PlayStation Studios aren’t in direct competition with Xbox and Nintendo Studios on a developer level. Morrison made his remarks in light of the recent controversy regarding Microsoft’s rumored pivot to multiplatform releases. The house of Xbox has yet to comment on the rumors but has promised a “business” update next week to address the matter.

PlayStation Studios won’t be impacted by lack of competition from Xbox, dev implies
Morrison tweeted that developers at the big three are all “driven by an internal desire to create the best work possible.” As a result, lack of competition will not “degrade” the quality of PlayStation Studios games.

While some understood Morrison’s take, others expressed concerns that as a company, PlayStation will have less of an incentive to invest in high quality games that set its platforms apart, should Xbox go multiplatform. Fans fear that as a consequence of that, PlayStation first-party output will suffer.

At the moment, there’s a big question mark around Xbox’s vision for the future. There’s evidence that the company plans to release some of its games on multiple platforms for financial reasons, but the extent of its change in strategy has yet to be established.

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yeah, no need to try to compete with each other that way

each studio will release will have great games for their own platforms


I mean ya there is no competition haha they win on the games part maybe not console it self but still