Nightingale Early Access Launch Moved up to February 20th

Inflexion Games’ fantasy crafting title Nightingale was slated for early access on February 22nd for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, it’s now launching earlier, arriving on February 20th. Check out the latest trailer below.

As for the reason behind the delay, the developer revealed that it not only allows players to start earlier but provides a “head start in addressing any issues at launch before the busy weekend period.” Given the server issues that other survival crafting titles like Palworld faced (though its explosion in popularity is a different matter), it makes sense for Inflexion to iron out any issues as quickly as possible.

The new launch date follows a recently concluded stress test from last Friday. Retailing for $29.99, Nightingale’s early access release will feature several creature types, three biomes, co-op supporting up to six players, a progression system “spanning all aspects of gameplay”, and more. It will spend nine to 12 months in early access, though Inflexion insists it will leave only “when it’s ready.”

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looks pretty good. PC gamers are going to love this fr


Sucks for the people who are ready to play it asap