Gears of War Is Reportedly Being Considered for PS5

Gears of War is the latest big-name franchise from Xbox that is said to now be in consideration to make the jump to PlayStation 5. The past day has been a whirlwind for many Xbox fans as rumors have indicated that titles like Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II are potentially going to make their way to PS5 in the future. For the time being, Xbox itself hasn't commented on any of these high-profile reports, but now, another credible insider has revealed that Gears of War could also hit PlayStation platforms in the future.

Shared on Giant Bomb's Game Mess Mornings stream, host Jeff Grubb said that he has heard about Gears of War potentially being another such series that Xbox is talking about porting to PS5. By all accounts, Gears of War is the property most intrinsically tied to the Xbox brand other than Halo, which has been around since the first Xbox console launched. As such, Gears of War making the transition to PlayStation would be a far bigger deal than Starfield or Indiana Jones being ported. Such a move would also indicate that Xbox is moving in a drastically different direction and would open the floodgates for future PS5 releases.

"The other one that I've heard is definitely under consideration, doesn't mean it's going to happen but it's in talks, is Gears of War," Grubb said. "It's Halo and then Gears of War in terms of icons of Xbox. [...] The next Xbox console is not going to just be a PS5 but with an Xbox logo on it the way that the Xbox Series X is in many ways. I think they're going to go for some drastic changes."

Which Gears of War Games Would Come to PS5?
If Xbox did end up bringing the Gears of War series to PlayStation, the question would then turn to how such a rollout would happen. The most recent entry in the series, Gears 5, launched back in 2019 and has since seen its support from The Coalition come to a close. Outside of Gears 5, there are five other mainline games in the franchise, many of which aren't available on current-gen hardware unless played via the Xbox's backward-compatible functionality. In recent months, though, rumors have suggested that a remastered collection of some of the older entries in the series is going to arrive at some point. If this did happen, then it's feasible that this is what Xbox could choose to also release on PS5.

Again, it's worth stressing that at the time of this writing, Xbox hasn't made any commitments about releasing its exclusives on PlayStation 5. As such, everything that has been outlined here is merely a rumor for the moment. That being said, with how many credible reporters have indicated that these talks are happening behind the scenes at Xbox, it very much seems like some major exclusives are going to end up on PS5 before long.

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na, keep it off the PS5, let the franchise die ffs


Should have when it was hot ! Now it's trash and forgotten about lol