Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Will Feature GT And Movie Characters

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's producer, Jun Furutani, has reportedly confirmed that characters from GT and the Dragon Ball movies are planned for the game, but that they might end up being DLC.

Although everyone has jokes about Goku and Vegeta taking up 24 slots of Sparking Zero's roster (despite that being the norm for every Dragon Ball game ever and especially the Budokai Tenkaichi series), one of the most exciting things about a new Dragon Ball game is seeing which characters end up being playable and which end up on the cutting room floor.

This is even more true of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero considering reports that it has a "historic" roster size that might total around 164 characters if the most recent trailer is to be believed. Although we've only seen characters from Dragon Ball Z and Super so far, many fans have been wondering whether characters from GT and the movies would be showing up, as some of them are considered non-canon now.

Although we still haven't seen or heard anything about characters from Dragon Ball GT or the various movies, a recent interview between Twitter users SofianLeGEEK, Yekais, and some key developers from Spike Chunsoft (as shared by Twitter user LaunSSJ), might have just confirmed that they're going to be in the game.

As translated by Twitter user ShonenGamesZ, Sparking: Zero's producer, Jun Furutani, and series producer, Ryo Mito, recently spoke about the game's development, revealing some interesting new details like its planned release window. They also confirmed that characters from GT and the Dragon Ball movies (like Beast Gohan) are being considered for the game.

It's not all good news, though, as Furutani and Mito reportedly said that the GT characters might end up being DLC instead of being on the base roster. It's not clear why they'd be left out of the main game like this, but it's worth noting that they were left out of Raging Blast 2, the most recent Budokai Tenkaichi-like.

That wasn't the only set of characters that Furutani and Mito confirmed for Sparking: Zero, either, as they also said that Fusions like Gogeta, Vegito, and Gotenks are going to be in the game, presumably at launch. This isn't much of a surprise, but considering we haven't seen them yet it's still nice to know.

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Source: https://www.thegamer.com/dragon-ball-z-sparking-zero-will-include-gt-and-movie-characters-roster-fusion-characters-might-be-dlc/


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