"Bugged" Palworld Collectable Might Reduce Your Catch Rate

An item in Palworld might be bugged, as tests run by players appear to prove that it's reducing Pal catch rates. This is despite the official item description saying it's supposed to increase your catch rate, an effect that doesn't seem to be working in practice.

The collectable in question is the Lifmunk Effigy, which when activated, is supposed to make it easier to catch Pals. However, two separate tests run by players show that they caught fewer Pals with their capture power increase by the Effigies, despite their capture chance percentage increasing on screen. With two players now showing their findings, it seems pretty clear that the Effigies are bugged.

YouTuber Chalenor shows off this apparent bug in action. As we can see, they repeatedly miss Pals that they should have an at least 80 percent chance of capturing. Once or twice can be put down to bad luck, but we can see that this is a consistent issue, and they're not the only one to experience it.

Following the video's release, Reddit user StatusRhubarb6465 also put the Effigies to the test. While their findings are incredibly detailed, the short answer is yes, they also found that their capture rate had decreased after using the Effigies, so much so that it went beyond bad luck.

It's not clear if Palworld developer Pocket Pair is aware of the issue right now, and if not, hopefully these posts will bring the bug to its attention. Palworld is still in early access though, so we can expect problems like this to pop up from time to time.

That said, Palworld's early access has been a lot more successful than most. It broke Steam records with an all-time player peak of 2,101,867 at the time of writing. This makes it the second most played game on Steam ever, only sitting behind PUBG. It overtook Counter-Strike 2 for the honour, which is pretty much always topping the Steam charts. Unsurprisingly, this caused issues with the servers when early access went live, since this is far more players than the studio was expecting.

All in all, things are going pretty well, and this is all before the game has even properly launched, or even been ported to PlayStation. Right now, Palworld is only available on PC and Xbox, although the PS5 port has been mentioned as a possibility.

A statistical analysis on the Lifmunk Effigies - Are they really reducing our catch rate?
byu/StatusRhubarb6465 inPalworld

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Source: https://www.thegamer.com/palworld-bug-lifmunk-effigy-capture-rate-decrease/


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seems like they still have to iron out a few kinks here and there before releasing on the PS5 fr


The game kinda died out fast tho