Phantom Blade Zero Showcases New Gameplay and Special Animated Trailer

When it was unveiled at last year’s PlayStation Showcase, S-Game’s steampunk action RPG Phantom Blade Zero caught the attention of a sizeable audience, and though there have been little to no updates on the game since then, the developer has released a new trailer to kick off the Chinese calendar’s Year of the Dragon.

Intriguingly, the majority of the trailer is not from the game itself, and instead showcases a tailor-made animated sequence that shows two warriors engaging in a furious duel. The final seconds of the trailer do show new gameplay footage though, we do get a few glimpses of combat, traversal, and different environments.

Meanwhile, S-Game founder and Phantom Blade franchise director Soulframe Liang has also shared a message on Twitter, in which he talks about the process of creating the animated scene. Liang also says “more reveals” and a playable demo for Phantom Blade Zero will be coming later in 2024. Previously, it was confirmed that the demo would be a 30-minute taste of the game. Check out the trailer and Liang’s message below.

Phantom Blade Zero is in development for PS5 and PC. In addition to a 30-40-hour single player story, the game will also feature multiplayer, though microtransactions won’t be included. It will target 2K/60 FPS and 4K/30 FPS modes on PS5, and use hardware ray tracing on both platforms.

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looks decent enough. will check out this a little more before I buy it


To many games to keep up with them all.