Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Take Up A Whopping 145GB

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's file size has been revealed and it's going to take up a whopping 145GB. It might be time to start clearing out your hard drive.

Considering how much bigger and more open Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is when compared to Remake, we've always known that it's going to be quite a hefty game. That much was made clear when it was announced that it requires two disks to install, a first for a PS5 game, and the game's file size certainly lives up to that requirement.

Over on Twitter, PlayStation Game Size, a user that regularly reports on how space games are going to take up, reported that a demo for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has been added to the PlayStation Store's backend and should be coming in the next week. That wasn't all, though, as they also revealed that Rebirth is going to take up a mind-boggling 145GB at launch.

Although this hasn't yet been confirmed by Square Enix to be the case, PlayStation Game Size is a reliable source for these kinds of things and has been proven right in the past, so it seems like Rebirth really is going to take up that much room on your PS5. It also makes sense considering Rebirth requires a separate disk for its install, which was the first clue that it was going to be a chonker of a game.

Although that is a massive amount of data required and will surely require most players to delete a ton of games from their PS5, it's actually not the biggest install requirement we've seen this generation. As we've previously discussed on the site, there are a few games with even heftier requirements, like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which takes 148GB to install, and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, which takes 166 GB.

It's not clear why those games don't require a second disk (although Cold War's size is mostly due to all of the extra stuff you have to download alongside it), but it's also worth noting that this is just the day-one install size, and that it's very likely to increase as the game gets patches, updates, and potentially even DLC.

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glad to have a decent broadband speed nowadays fr


Yeah it seems like the new normal dl size is like 150gb anymore lol