Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Dev Speak Out Over Online Abuse

It’s always depressing reporting on instances where game developer are harassed on Twitter by ‘fans’ demanding updates on video games, but sadly this is something Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 creator Insomniac Games is having to address this week over a perceived lack of updates on the sequel.

Aaron Jason Espinoza, the studio’s advanced senior community manager, posted the following message on Twitter, which was then followed by James Stevenson:

Sending violent threats to game developers over game development things is childish and just plain f**king stupid.

Don’t do this. We know you want updates and info. We’re working to get things to you as fast as we can, given the extraordinary circumstances our team has faced.

The extraordinary circumstances that Stevenson mentioned obviously refers to Insomniac Games getting hacked last year, which saw a number of the company’s upcoming slate leaked on the web, including projects that have not even been announced yet.

As for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games is planning to release a major update for the game that includes New Game Plus, as well as the chance to change the time of day in-game, replay missions, and more. Right now it’s scheduled for early 2024, but a concrete date has yet to be announced.

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so much toxicity online about the updates for this game fr


I just can't wait for the 3rd one already ! I want carnage !!