Until Dawn 2 Was In The Pipeline But Evolved Into The Quarry

A report on Time Extension has revealed that Supermassive Games at one point had planned to develop Until Dawn 2, although the project would eventually evolve into The Quarry, which released back in 2022.

The site spoke to six employees at The Dark Pictures Anthology creator, who revealed that the first few entries in the horror series had suffered under mismanagement and lack of resources. This info was unearthed back in 2022 prior to Supermassive Games’ acquisition by Nordisk Games.

Two employees described slightly different versions of events that lead to Supermassive Games and Sony’s relationship turning sour, which both revolve around the concept of Until Dawn 2.

The Quarry team was originally Until Dawn 2 working with Sony. And Sony basically paid for them to be making this for them as a prototype. Then once the prototype was done, Supermassive turned around and said, ‘We’re going to shop this around and see if anyone else wants it.’

The Quarry started as a pitch for Until Dawn, but they didn’t have the license. They burnt their bridges with Sony by releasing Dark Pictures on multiple platforms. As far as I’m aware someone else has that license now.

Interestingly, Supermassive Games hasn’t been mentioned at all in regards to the news of an Until Dawn movie and PS5, PC versions of the teen horror title. The remaster is being handled by Ballistic Moon, who recently shared some key details about the new version of the 2015 title.

Furthermore, the studio’s co-founders, Pete and Joe Samuels, announced earlier this week that they have departed the company. Until Dawn is scheduled for release on PS5 and PC later this year.

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Source: https://www.psu.com/news/until-dawn-2-was-reportedly-in-the-pipeline-but-evolved-into-the-quarry/


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glad it became a different title tbh


I forgot about quarry. Wonder if it even did well