Tekken 8 Fans Really Want Mokujin As A Playable Character

Tekken 8's executive director, Katsuhiro Harada, has asked fans if they want to see Mokujin added to the game as a playable character, and it seems that most fans are wanting him to return.

Although Tekken 8 has one of the strongest launch rosters that the series has ever had thanks to the usual suspects combined with three of the all-time best newcomers in Tekken's long history, that doesn't mean that it's perfect. There are a number of iconic fighters that have somehow been missed from Tekken 8, including Eddy Gordo (who is coming as the first DLC fighter) Katarina, Armour King, and more.

One such character that has been missing from action for quite some time now is Mokujin, the sentient training dummy who was introduced in Tekken 3 and has become a bit of a series mascot since then. Despite being a popular character, Mokujin was missed out of Tekken 7 entirely, a fate that is sadly repeated in Tekken 8.

Despite there being several fighters that aren't in Tekken 8, it seems that a lot of fans are specifically calling for Mokujin to be added to the game, as director Katsuhiro Harada has spent the last day replying to requests for the character. Although he doesn't give a definitive answer to the questions, Harada did directly ask fans if they wanted to see Mokujin in the game, setting up a poll that lets fans answer with "Yes please" or "Not a priority".

As of the time of writing, the poll currently has more than 49,000 votes from fans, and the results are pretty clear, with 74 percent of fans saying "Yes please" to Mokujin joining the game, and 26 percent of fans saying that he's not a priority. Whether that means he'll join isn't clear, but it's obvious that there's some desire for him to be there.

One thing is for sure, though. If Mokujin does end up joining Tekken 8, he won't be part of the game's first season pass. Eddy Gordo was just announced as the first fighter, which seems to confirm a leak that suggests he'll be joined by Roger, Armor King, and a newcomer called Xiao Men.

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