Persona 3 Reload Leak Supports DLC Rumors

Following the launch of Persona 3 Reload, a recent leak has provided evidence of Atlus' potential post-launch DLC plans, supporting a claim made by a notable leaker. Persona 3 Reload launched on February 2 to critical acclaim. Reload's focus on remaking the original game ended up skipping over some elements exclusive to previous Persona 3 re-releases, such as The Answer epilogue from Persona 3 FES.

Despite its omission from Reload, recent rumors suggest that this content will be incorporated as Persona 3 Reload's post-launch DLC. This claim was first made by MbKKssTBhz5, or Midori, a notable leaker of Atlus' games with a reliable track record. She made the claim that The Answer would be added as DLC, with other cosmetics and music being added after launch as well. Shortly after Persona 3 Reload's release, modders found evidence that suggests these claims aren't unfounded.

The leak was posted by ruinedstego on Twitter, who found this information through data mining Persona 3 Reload. The data mine revealed that six new pieces of DLC are being planned to be released in the "P3R Expansion Pass." This will give players a set of items, new costumes, music, and The Answer epilogue from Persona 3 FES. The extra songs originate from Persona 4 Golden and Persona 5 Royal, with a separate pack that includes remixes of the Velvet Room's theme. There is also a Velvet Room costume set, which will likely give players the option to dress their party members in the same outfits as the Velvet Room attendants.

Persona 3 Reload Expansion Pass Leak
Exploration Item Kit
Persona 4 Golden Extra Background Music Set
Revelations: Mitsuo
The Almighty
Backside Of The TV
Junes Theme
Long Way

Persona 5 Royal Extra Background Music Set
Keeper of Lust
Blooming Villain
Life Will Change
Beneath the Mask
Kichijoji 199X
Gentle Madman
I believe

Velvet Room Costume Set
Velvet Room Background Music Set
Electronica In Velvet Room
Aria of the Soul - t.komine REMIX "AT 1st" P3D-EDIT ver.
Battle Hymn of the Soul - Daisuke Asakura Remix
Battle Hymn of the Soul -Ultimax ver.-
Dance Hymn of the Soul (Disco In Velvet Room)
Episode Aigis/The Answer Epilogue
Episode Aigis Background Music Set
Snow Queen
Maya's Theme
Time Castle

Modders were able to confirm that some of these DLC tracks already exist in the Steam version of Persona 3 Reload. Some were even able to have these tracks play while exploring the Tartarus dungeon by forcing Reload to load tracks like "I believe" from Persona 5 Royal or "Backside of the TV" from Persona 4 Golden, stating that the code for the two related DLCs already exists internally. Other versions, like the Xbox Game Pass PC version, don't have these tracks in the code.

A lot of what has been found in this data mine matches up with what Midori has previously stated. According to Midori, Atlus plans on releasing this DLC during the 2025 fiscal year. Midori also stated that fans shouldn't expect a DLC based on the Persona 3 Portable female protagonist's story, which is seemingly supported by this data mine. Despite this mountain of evidence, fans should still wait until Atlus releases more official information regarding post-launch DLC for Persona 3 Reload.

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DLC is always a great way to keep the player entertained


Awesome dlc is always good to look forward to


Playing on game pass. Very fun game!!