Palworld Patch Stops Players From Stealing Your Pals

Palworld just released its first patch, finally fixing a bug that let players steal your pals.

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, before the patch. spheres could capture your legally distinct 'mons when they had 30 percent or lower HP. This, along with a slew of other glitches, has been fixed.

Other noteworthy problems that have been ironed out: pals don't get stuck in walls when they charge attack anymore, issues with the game crashing "under certain conditions" have been addressed, the game will no longer crash when you exceed 7,000 captured objects, players won't clip through walls when dismounting, and incorrect in-game text has been updated. You can read the full list of patch notes here.

While this case of catching players' pals was a bug, dataminers found an item called "Radar Sphere" in the files that has a "low chance of success" at forcibly capturing your opponents' pals. It's believed that, when PvP is implemented as revealed on the early access roadmap, this sphere will be added to the game so that you can pillage not only enemy bases but their catalogue of critters.

While this is entirely speculative right now, backlash is already mounting as the community demands the item be removed from the game; "This is an unbelievably bad idea," one fan wrote. "If I spend several hours breeding the perfect pal and then it gets yoinked by someone, I would just uninstall."

The other concern is how it will impact battles. While you may not successfully catch the opponents' pal given the "low chance of success", using a sphere like this would take them out of commission briefly, which could turn fights into a back-and-forth of players spamming spheres at each other instead of actually brawling.

Of course, the Radar Sphere is not in-game yet and developer Pocketpair has not revealed anything of the in-development PvP mode. The assumption at the moment is that it will be akin to Rust and Ark, so the sphere may be implemented as another means of griefing enemy players, but until anything is announced officially, we can't say for certain.

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glad they've stopped players stealing other players pals by releasing a patch

I'm sure it was getting out of hand fr


That's crazy didn't know they let them do that that is Bs good thing they fixed or changed that