PlayStation Rolling Out Passkey Support

Sony is preparing to roll out passkey support for the PlayStation Network. A dedicated webpage for PlayStation passkey is already live, but no one is able to activate one at present. Sony will likely stagger the feature’s release as it usually does.

PlayStation passkey explained
Passkey will allow players to log into PSN without using a password, using several other unlocking methods instead, like fingerprint, face scan, and PIN. For those who will have the feature available to them, passkey can be set up via the Security section of your PSN ID’s Account Management page via the PS5, PS4, PS App, or the PlayStation website.

Sony will be offering step-by-step setup instructions for those who don’t want to venture themselves, and although a webpage for that is also live, it doesn’t contain any information.

“A passkey also reduces the vulnerability associated with traditional password-based systems: It cannot be guessed or reused, is tied to your account for PlayStation Network and can only be accessed by you,” Sony writes. “Passkeys are safer than passwords because they are resistant to phishing and other types of cyberattacks like data breaches.”

We’ll have more information on regional availability when passkey becomes available, and update our readers accordingly.

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yeah, I would like the passkey method for my psn account fr


Good for people who want that I guess