Destiny 2 Ends Prime Gaming Rewards

Destiny 2 players who double as subscribers to Amazon Prime and, by association, Prime Gaming, have been able to cash in on in-game emotes, shaders, and more through monthly Prime Gaming freebies. As is the case with the turn of every month, another few weeks of Prime Gaming rewards kicked off this week with the start of February, but for Destiny 2 players, this'll unfortunately be the last time that you're able to claim those rewards.

Bungie confirmed as much this week in its latest "This Week in Destiny" post that outlined what's included in February's Prime Gaming rewards and the fact that this will be the last one players get. The Prime Gaming loot in this last Destiny 2 drop looks much like the other rewards players got over the past few months, so the partnership will seemingly be ending rather unceremoniously without a big sendoff for Prime Gaming subscribers.

Destiny 2's Prime Gaming Rewards End
These Prime Gamine rewards in Destiny 2 have been going on for four years now, Bungie reminded players in its This Week in Destiny post, so it's not like the Destiny 2 rewards quickly came and went. No explanation for why the Destiny 2 freebies were going away was given beyond Bungie saying that the partnership was simply coming to an end just over four years after it began.

"Bungie and Amazon started their Prime Gaming collaboration in January of 2020, with today's drop marking the 49th bundle we've given away in Destiny 2 as part of the program," Bungie said. "The promotion is at last coming to an end, so please don't forget to pick it up before March 7 and grab your items at the kiosk behind Rahool in the Tower."

Like past months of Prime Gaming rewards for Destiny 2 players, this one consists of four different items for players to collect which are detailed below:

Vehement Flock Exotic emote
Knucklebug Exotic ship
Directoria Sagitta Legendary Sparrow
Timed Prime-exclusive Legendary shader

Destiny 2 isn't the only big game to end its Prime Gaming partnership this year. League of Legends creator Riot Games which launched a partnership not too long ago with Xbox Game Pass also said that its Prime Gaming freebies would be ending in 2024. That's perhaps a bigger loss for players as far as monetary value is concerned since League's Prime Gaming rewards included actual in-game currency in addition to skins and more. Riot Games said in its announcement about the Prime Gaming situation that it was Prime Gaming itself which opted not to renew the contract, though it's unclear from Bungie's statement if that's what's happened here.

"Prime Gaming has decided not to renew our promotion, which means the last capsule drops will end in March 2024 across all of our games. We know this is disappointing, and wanted to let you know as soon as we could," Riot Games said previously. "You can continue to claim drops for the next few months, and any Prime Gaming content unlocked prior to March 2024 will remain in your account."

Destiny 2's final Prime Gaming drop will be available until March 7th.

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such a shame this has happened :sadface:


Runts That always sucks when a game you like ends the prime deals

Fr you could really cheese some easy cool loot sad it's going away


That always sucks when a game you like ends the prime deals