Xbox Reportedly Plans To Make More Games Multiplatform

Xbox is reportedly planning to announce a huge change in strategy, launching more of its games on rival platforms. This comes amid growing evidence that Hi-Fi Rush will get ported to both PlayStation and Switch, giving many more players access to one of the most critically acclaimed Xbox exclusives of this generation.

Multiple sources say that Xbox director Sarah Bond will unveil the new strategy this Spring, while also explaining the reasoning behind it. So far, the possibility of Xbox making more games multiplatform has proven controversial, with fans typically frustrated due to brand loyalty, or a feeling of being misled about their Xbox console purchase.

These latest rumours come from Xbox reporter Idle Sloth, who says that Sarah Bond will address the community soon. It's said that Bond will go over "Xbox's strategy regarding Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and other games going multi-platform."

The reasoning behind the move will apparently also be explained, including that it's metrics-driven - so more likely to help sales. She'll also reportedly say that online pushback "isn't 'considered, but concerns are valid".

This report is backed up by Microsoft insider, Jez Corden from Windows Central. Alongside the leaks that Hi-Fi Rush is coming to Switch and PlayStation, it looks like we can expect a lot more Xbox exclusives to make their way to other platforms, not just the expected PC port.

This is a very different strategy to what Xbox has pulled so far in this console generation. For the past few years, the company has made the most of the numerous studios it's acquired, only putting their new releases on Xbox and PC, and always on Game Pass from launch. If we're about to see that change so significantly, it's possible that this hasn't driven hardware sales and Game Pass subscriptions in the way it had expected. Or, it just feels that there are more opportunities to be made from software sales on PlayStation and Switch.

It remains to be seen what this means for other titles. Just recently, Xbox showcased some of its upcoming exclusives, including Avowed and Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Right now, they're both poised to skip rival platforms, but with this announcement in Spring, that could change. We'll have to wait and see what Microsoft has to say about the matter, and how far it will extend the strategy if it is adopted.

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this will be a smart move for them fr

but we don't want to see the trash game pass games on the other platforms ffs


Wow good on Xbox for once lol