Metro: Awakening Coming to PlayStation VR 2

Deep Silver announced Metro: Awakening, a new VR game on its way to PS VR 2, Oculus Quest, and Steam VR. Revealed at Sony’s State of Play event, the upcoming game is in development by 7th Guest developer Vertigo Games.

Metro: Awakening revealed at State of Play
Metro: Awakening takes place in 2028, five years before the first game and the original novel that inspired it. Players take the role of Serdar, a doctor living in the metro tunnels of an irradiated post-apocalyptic Moscow. He sets out into the dark in search of his missing wife and the medicine to cure her illness. This quest will test the player’s courage and Serdar’s sanity as he braves mutants, hostile survivors, and supernatural phenomena. In Metro: Awakening, this includes unraveling the mystery of Serdar’s own supernatural abilities and awakening the being he will one day become.

THQ and 4A Games released Metro 2033 in 2010. Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s 2002 novel of the same name, it sees protagonist Artym embark on a journey across the Mocow Metro. He faces the horrors of the apocalypse and supernatural events that defy scientific explanations. The game was followed by Metro: Last Light in 2013 and Metro: Exodus in 2019. It’s unclear if the prequel will tie into the existing games to any degree. However, Metro: Awakening seeks to transfer the atmosphere to VR.

Deep Silver and Vertigo Games haven’t announced an exact release date for Metro: Awakening just yet. However, they plan to release the game sometime this year, and fans can wishlist it now on all three platforms.

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I've only played a Metro: Last Light

nice to see this franchise still going


I would just much rather play a game normally then play in VR