Bloodborne Was Reportedly in the Works for PS5 and PC

A Bloodborne remaster was reportedly in the works for PlayStation 5 and PC at one point. There is no group of fans in gaming that are so hopped on on hopium like Bloodborne fans. In 2015, FromSoftware, developers of games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring, released arguably their most beloved Soulsborne game to date: Bloodborne. It was a massive hit and one of the PS4's first major exclusives. The game was critically acclaimed for its rich gameplay, incredible art direction, and giving life to a new franchise in this genre... or at least so we thought. Since its release in 2015, there has yet to be another entry in the series and fans are holding out hope that maybe one day... it will return. So much time has passed that fans are even hopeful Sony will bring it to PC and PS5, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Former Game Informer editor Imran Khan took to ResetEra to talk about a Bloodborne remaster. In a thread about Lance McDonald claiming Dreams was once planned for PS5, but was canceled, a user noted that he had said something similar about Bloodborne, but nothing came from it. Khan chimed in to confirm that McDonald was correct and Bloodborne was once in the works for PS5 and PC. Unfortunately, it has been years since he last heard of the project and has told fans not to hold their breath for any more news on such a project. It seems it may have been shelved or canceled, but we're not totally sure why. Next year, Bloodborne will turn 10, so maybe there will be some more news on a return to the franchise then... but who really knows.

FromSoftware has found infinitely more success with Elden Ring and it would not be shocking if it doubles down on continuing to expand on that franchise. On top of that, Elden Ring isn't an exclusive franchise so it can blossom across all platforms and not have to worry about any kind of approval from platform holders. Maybe Bloodborne will return one day, but it will probably be a while if it does.

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certainly would've been great for the PC gamers though


Would be cool for the other players but not really needed