Classic Bethesda Game Is Now Available for Free

One of the most classic games in the Bethesda catalogue is now free to download, play, and keep as long as you check a couple of boxes. The first box you need to check is you need to have an active subscription to Amazon Prime. The second box you need to check is you need a PC. Just about any PC will do because the game is from 1997, so a literal potato could run it, but you need a PC. If you're on console of any kind, you are out of luck, because codes are limited to PC.

If you check both of these boxes, then for the entire month of February you can download the original 1997 Fallout game, which Bethesda did not make, but owns the rights to. As you may know, the game was actually made by Interplay Productions, a studio that has fallen from grace a bit in the modern era.

When the original Fallout was released, it released to an 89 on Metacritic. It was an important CRPG release at the time, and obviously spawned a series that has evolved and grown beyond these more niche CRPG roots.

"You've just unearthed the classic post-apocalyptic role-playing game that revitalized the entire CRPG genre," reads an official blurb about the game. "The Fallout SPECIAL system allows drastically different types of characters, meaningful decisions and development that puts you in complete control. Explore the devastated ruins of a golden age civilization. Talk, sneak or fight your way past mutants, gangsters and robotic adversaries. Make the right decisions or you could end up as another fallen hero in the wastelands..."

Normally to play this game on PC -- say via Steam -- you have to fork over $9.99. That said, the game regularly goes on sale. For example, it is $2.49 right now on Steam. If you do decide to check out the game via Prime Gaming, you will get a game that is roughly 16-23 hours long depending on a few variables. That said, completionists will need about 30 hours with the game.

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"The first box you need to check is you need to have an active subscription to Amazon Prime"

So, it's basically not free. You're basically renting the game ffs LMAO


Nice, I played it for free just this year. Was great fun!