Satisfactory Developer Details Future Updates

Developer Coffee Stain Studios has revealed its plans for new content coming to Satisfactory over the coming year, as well as the fact that the factory-building title is slated to get a 1.0 release in 2024. The studio has also revealed that more than 5.5 million copies of Satisfactory have been sold.

In a new video titled The Satisfactory Roadmap to 1.0, the studio talks about some of the planned content coming to the game in updates throughout the year. The timeline presented in the video indicates that 2024 will see Satisfactory getting at least 2 major updates, with at least one update planned for 2025.

The first of these updates, titled Update 9: Experimental War, will bring a more serious tone to Satisfactory. The studio describes the update as allowing players to go to war on the efficiency of their factories. The update will also allow players to add guns to everything, from factories to vehicles. Update 9 is slated for a May 2024 release.

Following that will be Update X, which will kick off the studio’s endgame in getting Satisfactory out of its early access phase. The update will make vehicles faster, and will allow players to romance different creatures in the game. Update X is slated for a December 2024 release.

The first update of 2025, titled Update 11, will bring lasers to Satisfactory. Players will be able to automate and construct new laser beams, and there will also be a new cooking system introduced to the game. Update 11 is set for an April 2025 release.

The studio states that there aren’t more updates planned for the game beyond Update 11 aside from its impending exit from early access, with hopes of finishing development of the game in 2024. There is no proper release date for the game, however, but there are plans on releasing the 1.0 update before the end of 2024.

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this will more likely become a disaster


What a joke of an article. The original clearly didn't actually pay attention to what Coffee Stain are planning when everything in the article is sarcasm.


A lot of these games just look so copy and paste ! Nothing is really original anymore