Skate Playtest Invites Are Going Out

Invites to play the new Skate game are going out ahead of an upcoming playtest. Skate is one of the most respected video game franchises EA has under its belt. The publisher controls a ton of major sports games, Battlefield, Need for Speed, but its skating series really stands out as one of its most beloved. The reason being for that is Skate 3 was a fan-favorite game on Xbox 360 thanks to its semi-realisitic skating physics that separated it from the infinitely more arcade-y Tony Hawk games, but still managedto have outlandish features such as absolutely vile injuries and a game mode that encourages players to hurt themselves as badly as possible.

It has been well over a decade since Skate 3 and it took years of fan demand to get EA to actually greenlight a new entry. It has taken quite a while to get it off the ground, but it has been progressing at a rapid rate with the help of fans. The team behind the game has been holding frequent play tests and allowing players to experiment with how the game feels as it moves through development. We've seen playtests from as far back as when the actual map was untextured and there weren't detailed character models. None of that stuff is quite as important as actually getting the feel of skateboarding down, especially when that genre has evolved a lot since the series went on hiatus. Thankfully, players will be able to continue to provided feedback in a new playtest very soon. According to Insider Gaming, Skate will reportedly have a playtest from February 6th to March 19th, making it the longest playtest for the game.

The test will be only on PC and be under NDA, so don't expect any kind of major news to come out of this. There may be some leaks from some rule breakers, but this playtest likely won't be advertised in the way you'd see a big alpha or beta test for other EA titles like Battlefield. Either way, hopefully this means Skate is getting closer to being done.

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hope the playtests go well for them


This will shake the sports games up some. Hopefully it's good